Quality Harness Maker

Hello! I am Brian Pinches, and I have been using Clydesdale horses for the last 15 years.

I am involved with the Heritage Draught Horse Club, where I take my horses to different events around Victoria with a variety of equipment to demonstrate my Clydesdale horses: Blue, Harvey and Emma. I have been lucky enough to be mentored by heavy horse people who have passed on information to me. I run training sessions at different events to pass on this information.

I do a variety of different types of work from ploughing to driving events.

I have become involved with harness making via Lee Grover in Queensland where my son Andrew took over the business “L for Leather” and then I took over the business from Andrew.

I import a range of horse collars, including standard and adjustable collars, and hames from the Amish in the United States. All the collars we import are gamma irradiated on entry to Australia as the collars are filled with long length rye straw. The collars are made to Australian conditions and to suit heavy horses.

All of the fittings we use in the manufacture of the horse harnesses are stainless steel, and we use quality vegetable tanned leather in the production of the different horse harnesses we produce.

I have a range of machinery, including two sewing machines – an Adler 105 and a Cowboy 404 – a clicking press for cutting out leather shapes, a skiving machine, and a belt cutter for cutting leather strips. We produce a range of different harnesses from reins, back bands, adjustable back bands, hobbles, traces, winkers and other horse harness.

I use American collars and American harnesses with my Clydesdale horses in a variety of different activities, including to plough with; I use them on the drives I go on up to 280 kms at a time over a 12 day period. I demonstrate a range of equipment from a Chandler reversible shave plough, set of disks, single mould board plough, scuffler, spring tyne scuffler, sled or slide depending where you live. I have used both the standard and adjustable collars with the horses. I find the American style horse harness very useful because it allows you to go from ploughing to cart work to pair work without using totally different harnesses, as the harness has breeching and pole straps included in the harness design.

I can manufacture horse harnesses to suit horses of the following breeds: Clydesdale horses, Percheron horses, Shire horses, Suffolk punch horses, Draught horses, or other types of heavy horses.